The easiest way for your customers to reorder products they love.

Repeat automates frictionless reordering experiences for the largest part of a CPG brand’s customer base: the non-subscribers.

Wait... Non-Subscribers?

Yep. You read that right: Frictionless reordering experiences for non-subscribers. 

In fact, you’ll want Repeat to sit alongside your existing subscription solution. No rip-and-replace headaches here. We’re different in that we analyze product-specific repurchase rates, automate reorder notifications, and deliver your customers personalized replenishment carts that aid in up-sell and cross-sell efforts while making repurchasing favorite products a breeze.

All of it means a more holistic approach to your DTC retention strategy.




Instead of putting one-time shoppers into general email campaigns and forgetting about them, Repeat uses personalized notifications to trigger repeat purchase behavior when they most likely to need to re-up.

Repeat’s replenishment cart uses proprietary product-mapping logic to deliver upsells and cross-sells that boost margins when consumers are most likely to convert.

Purchase behavior, cohort analysis, LTV calculation… If there’s a data point you need to make smarter decisions on everything from bundling and package design to discounts and acquisition channels, we’ve got it.

"It just kind of goes and makes sales."

Ecommerce Manager

DTC Beverage Company

For a lot of consumers, 'subscription' is the 's' word

And since 72% of purchases are from non-subscribers, you’d be safe in your assumption that “a lot” really means “most.” But don't get it twisted: We’re not saying you should skip subscribers.

We’re just saying you should think bigger about how you can create more repeat customers.

We help you do that.

The easiest way for your customers to reorder the products they love